large modern crystal chandelier

Pyramid and Globe Modern Crystal Chandelier

Modern crystal chandelier is kind of chandelier which has crystal motif on the chandelier and then it is going to make the decoration at your home becomes so wonderful and modern all the time. As you know that crystal chandelier has been trend this year, because it looks so incredible for the room. Furthermore, it can be used for many rooms such as living room, dining room, and even on […]

swarovski chandeliers

Special Crystal Swarovski Chandelier

Swarovski chandelier is kind of chandelier which has a Swarovski style. Before talking about many kinds of chandelier with Swarovski style, do you know what it is? If you do not know about it, so it is about chandelier which makes the decoration at your home becomes so modern more and more. When you want to put a chandelier with Swarovski style, ensure that you have a modern decoration in […]

unique rustic chandeliers

Candle and Chain Rustic Chandeliers

Rustic chandeliers are kinds of chandelier which has a rustic look, and it is going to make the decoration around the chandelier becomes so rustic. Anyway, if you want to put the chandelier with rustic look, you should know more about the concept of your decoration. Why? Because you should combine the decoration with the chandelier becomes one. It means you should support the rustic chandelier with rustic decoration in […]

mini chandelier lighting

Modern and Classic Mini Chandelier

Mini chandelier is kind of chandelier which has a small size. The thing that you have to know, you should compare the chandelier with the decoration around the room. It means when you have a small room, so you have to choose a chandelier with small size. When you choose the chandelier which is not matching with the room, it is going to make the decoration looks worst and terrible. […]

green chandelier shades

Using Chandelier Shades Addition To Refresh The Looks Of Your Chandelier

Chandelier shades are quite popular for people who love decorating their home with chandeliers, especially if they want to add unique and different looks into their chandelier itself. Great interior design always made by mixing up some inspiration to make a new design, which depends on the preference of each person on decorating their house. Chandelier become a popular way to make an elegant interior looks, and become a good […]