paint ceramic tile fireplace

Some Tips to Paint Ceramic Tile

Through years, your ceramic tile floor may have been worn out, losing its spark and beauty, and just looking dirty. It probably not broken, but it’s just no longer looking beautiful anymore. If you want it to be looking great again, but the money just tight to do so, then you can actually the ultimate paint ceramic tile! Yes, some professional builder have recommended some tips and ways that you […]

ceramic tile cutter dremel

Guide for Ceramic Tile Cutter Well

Ceramic tile cutter is used for cutting the tiles well without breaking the tiles and leave the undesired cracked edges of uneven corners. Ceramic tile cutters come with some types or kinds which you can find, from the contractors tile cutter and another one is electric tile cutter which both are useful for helping you cut the ceramic tiles and get the clean and neat look that you desire because […]

ceramic subway tile colors

The Beauty of Ceramic Subway Tile That You Should Know

Ceramic subway tile is worthy to be included in the top picks of tiles which you should buy when you are going to have a backsplash project for your house, especially for kitchens and bathrooms where this kind of tile will work greatly to create the serene and peaceful look. For recent days, there are many colors and finishes which will partner awesomely for decorating your house so you do […]

wood grain ceramic tile patterns

Beautiful Wood Grain Ceramic Tile for the Bathroom

Are you running out of ideas on how you’re going to choose what kind of ceramic tiles that you should put in your bathroom? Well then, here’s an idea for you: use the Wood grain ceramic tile! This is the kind of ceramic tile that can be a beautiful addition to achieve the simple and modern look of the bathroom. This beautiful Wood grain ceramic tile can also make an […]

ceramic tile patterns for bathroom floors

Ceramic Tile Patterns for Your Kitchen

Designing a kitchen interior is very important, as the kitchen’s look will be determined with what you have put in it. If you wonder where to start, then we suggest you to choose the Ceramic tile patterns first. This is the part of the kitchen that can give an amazing and huge impact of the whole look of the kitchen. You can have beautiful furniture for beautiful decorations, but you […]