barn door lighting diy

Indoor and Outdoor Barn Door Lighting

Barn door lighting is kind of lighting which has a function to support the film or photo season by giving some brightest lights. As you know that to make a good photo, you should support the object with some lightings which make the object looks so bright. Maybe you do not have any problem if there is sunshine, but the problem is when there is no sun enough to support […]

sliding barn door design

Classic and Rustic Sliding Barn Door

Sliding barn door is kind of door which has a barn style and you have to slide the door if you want to open it. Even though the name is barn door, it is not literally used for barn. In this case, the barn door has a meaning as a door which has a barn style, and then it can be used for exterior and interior door at your home. […]

contemporary foyer chandelier

Classic and Modern Foyer Chandeliers

Foyer chandelier are kinds of chandelier which are especially used for foyer. If you have a big house and there is foyer inside of your house it means you have to know more about foyer chandelier. As mentioned before, it is placed on the foyer at your home. So, it is going to make the foyer becomes more beautiful than before. The important thing that you have to know, you […]

large modern crystal chandelier

Pyramid and Globe Modern Crystal Chandelier

Modern crystal chandelier is kind of chandelier which has crystal motif on the chandelier and then it is going to make the decoration at your home becomes so wonderful and modern all the time. As you know that crystal chandelier has been trend this year, because it looks so incredible for the room. Furthermore, it can be used for many rooms such as living room, dining room, and even on […]

dale tiffany chandeliers

Blue and Earring Tiffany Chandelier

Tiffany chandelier is kind of chandelier which has a tiffany style, and it is going to make the decoration of your room looks so beautiful all the time. The thing that you have to know before using chandelier with tiffany style is chandelier with tiffany style makes the decoration looks so antique. So, if you are looking for chandeliers which make the room gets a contemporary look, you should not […]